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Why Would You Hire a Former Stand-Up Comedian For Website Audits, Content Marketing Projects, and Emotional Urgency Copywriting?

Persuasion isn't about getting people to take an action ... it's about getting people to believe the action you want them to take is their own idea!

Most copywriters just write content. They do not understand content marketing … the planning … the strategy … how emotional urgency primes sales … or what type of content works best for different types of buyers.

All of these things are key components to successful content marketing. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine you get to choose between:

  • A writer who can craft a great article or blog post, or
  • A writer who can do that PLUS help their clients come up with an integrated content marketing plan that is audience specific, custom-designed to support company goals, and creates Emotional Urgency within the potential buyer

Which one would you want working with you?

So, the question in most people's minds is, "What is a Content Marketing Concept Consultant?"

  • Content marketing concept consultants create written advertising and marketing designed to create emotional urgency. The writing they create is called “copy.”

Why do many Fortune 500 companies hire former comedians when they need direct response sales letters, white papers, and outstanding sales presentations?

  • As it turns out, stand-up comedians are the acclaimed experts on creating unique and memorable copy, story-telling concepts, and memorable presentations.
  • More to the point, they are CREATIVE, they understand the subliminal power of HUMOR ... they not only think out-of-the-box, they LIVE outside of the box (actually, they live on the edge, but that's another story) ... and that is good news for you.

Do you always recommend the use of humor in direct response content or sales copy?

  • NO! In some cases, humor can be distracting or misinterpreted (as offensive)! It depends on the target audience.
  • The problem is this: Most copywriters are not funny. So, when you need funny, it only makes sense to seek out someone who understands the art and science of humor (and as the saying goes, "humor is harder than it looks").
  • The demand for humorous copywriting (intentionally humorous) has grown alongside viral marketing; truly funny content is more likely to be passed along (virally) than almost anything else. 

Old-school copywriters warned against any attempt to use humor within their copy. In their words, the ONLY job a professional copywriter had was to "get people to buy ... as soon as possible".

These old-school writers were experts (in their day) using the specific tools within their copywriter's toolbox. However, a valuable tool they did not own, did not grasp, and consistently underestimated, was humor (and to a greater degree, comparative sarcasm).

When was the last time you saw a segment of 60-Minutes "go viral" ... as opposed to clips from The Colbert Report, The Daily Show, or YouTube videos with humorous content?

The most important concept I learned during my years as a stand-up comedian was ... "You can't MAKE people laugh; you can only make them WANT to laugh."

The same idea holds true for sales; "You can't make people BUY, you can only make them WANT to buy."

A professional Content Marketing Concept Consultant is a person who is a master of the triggers of persuasion, the science of humor, the art of making your message UNFORGETTABLE, and who knows how to create Emotional Urgency by Design.


I work with people who want to build “Know, Like, Trust” relationships with their customers.

"Your keynote presentation and break-out workshop were truly informative and entertaining. Thank you for helping us make our Fall Conference a huge success!" - Emily Meyer, President, Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association

"Your ideas on Story-Selling really led me in the right direction to make myself and my community unforgettable. In this business, it’s not about creating a great looking ad in the paper or having a fantastic web site, it’s about making a human connection. Thank you for this valuable selling tool." - Wendy Buhr, The Kensington Assisted Living Communities, Hastings, NE